Cultural Revolution A small sample of our collection!!

Authentic Chinese Propaganda Art From The Cultural Revolution


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"Thousand Years to Marxism,Leninism and Mao Tse-dong's Thoughts"
condition: some soiling on right bottom corner otherwise very good
30 x 20 inches


"Important Instructions construction,water and land preservation in Rual Areas Given by Chairman Mao"
Condition: very good
40 x 30 inches
ca 1970's


"Hurry to Victory of the Proletariat Revolutionary Lineof Chairman Mao"
A Charming poster of young Mao
Condition: excellent
40 x 30 inches


"35th Anniversary of mao's Speech presented at the "Yan On Literature and Arts Forum"
Excellent condition
30 x 21 inches



"In Celebration of Publishing the 5th Book of Mao's Selected Works"
Huge size poster at 30 x 40 inches in very good condition with some folds and a short tear on the left margin


Title: Long Live The Victory Of Chairman Mao’s Proletariat Revolutionary Line
Published Detail: 1971 by Shaanxi People Publishing Co.
Poster Size: 21 x 30 inches
Condition: excellent


Chairman Mao with Lin Biao Quotation
fine condition with slight retouch on lower right corner
21 x 30 inches


"The 4 Sea's Seething, the Sky Billowing, the 5 Contients Shaking and the Wind Roaring"
conition: fair with stains and a few repairs at the edges close to the red title characters. Beautifully designed with a rarely seen world behind Chairman Mao.
30 x 21 inches
very rare


"In Celebration of the Successful Opening of the 9th Peoples' Congress"
Some soiling on the bottom white margin otherwise good
30 x 21 inches
ca 1960'S



A Rare Color Portrait of Chairman Mao
30 x 21 inches with a short tear on bottom white margin
very good condition