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Authentic Chinese Propaganda Art From The Cultural Revolution


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Title: "SUPPORT OUR LEADER" designed by artist Cheng Cheng. Shi Jia Zhuang City, Hebei Province: The Masses Art Publishing House, circa 1949-1950. Words on the flag to the right: "Develop Production, Promote Economy" ... words on the banner in the middle: "Straight Ahead Under Chairman Mao's Flag" ... words on the banner to the left: "Learn from Model Worker". In the hands of the shop manager is a document titled in red "Plan of Production". Measuring 15-1/2 x 20 inches, this sheet elaborately printed in multi-colors has a quantity of minor creases and very small edge tears (none touching the outer printed border); a paper flaw at the bottom center of the image 1-1/2 x 3/8 inches has been restored and affects only the lower image of the floor. Seldom is there an opportunity to acquire this quality of early propaganda poster from Red China.
A very rare and unusual use of CCP leadership portraits in a traditional New Year print illustrating not only MAO TSE-TUNG (or Zedong)but also his top general ZHU DE (or Chu Teh, 1886-1976); Zhu was commander in chief of all Communist forces, a position he retained after the establishment (Sept., 1949) of the People's Republic of China in Beijing. In 1954, Zhu left his military position to serve (195459) as deputy chairman of the People's Republic of China. He was chairman of the National People's Congress (195967), Communist China's major legislative body, until denounced during the Cultural Revolution. He was restored to his posts in 1971.
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Chinese Propaganda Art Collection of Michael T. Ungaro and Dr. Eva Yan. Here you will find authentic artifacts from the Peoples Republic of China during the years of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung


"The Rocket of CCCP Fly High to the Moon Palace" (size at 38x54cm; another common size of older period poster; but after 60's, the majority size of posters become 55x77cm); published by Si Cun PPH March 1960; extremely small quantity printed at only 3000.
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Condition: Good


"Long Life to the 3 Red Banners" (3 red banners are referred to the People's Communes, the Great Leap Forward and the General Line) ;55x77cm; v good condition; excellent design and rare. 1964 July Shanghai PPH.
Description: Chris To (Hong Kong)